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Shop Bio Pyramid

Naziv Shop Bio Pyramid
Kategorija Internet prodavnica
Godina proizvodnje 2022.
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QHRS Shop | Certified Crystal Therapy products, qhrs bio pyramid, Iphone emf harmonizer, Iphone emf neutralizator, biofield protection

Made in Europe. Exmined, tested and EU certified QHRS MobiChip. Protect you against harmful emf fields creating by iPhone, tablets, wi fi router. Buy our products online.

At QHRS Shop we are offering complete Certified Crystal Therapy products for your business including qhrs Bio pyramid. QHRS products are providing excellent biofield protection.
QHRS MobiChip is perfect iPhone emf harmonizer neutralizator. Also could be used for every brand of mobile phone Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.
All QHRS products are examined, tested and EU certified that brings positive results and good to human health.

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