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Media services – graphics, audio, photo, video

Media services are often needed in the realization of other projects. Our experts can provide you with various media services.

Media is a term used to denote those structures in society that exist to communicate with the general public, and refers to a diverse array of media technologies that reach large audiences through mass communication. These technologies include different outputs. Here are some forms of mass media:

Broadcast media: Transmit information electronically through media such as movies, radio, recorded music or television.

Digital media: This includes the Internet and mobile mass communication. Internet media includes services such as e-mail, social media sites, websites, and Internet-based radio and television.

Digital format

We provide and publish these services in digital format. Of course, in cooperation with printing houses, you will also get printed posters, flyers and calendars. We do not provide mediation services with media houses.


You can give us the material in digital form and we will use it in the realization of the project. At the client's request we go to the scene and perform filming, photography and other actions. The material we use must have permission from the author.

Media service

Specification of services

Graphic design

Illustrations, logo, branding, catalogs, posters, billboards...


Photography, creation of material for the book, processing of your photos...


Recording of events, videos, commercials, cover video...