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Specification of services

Specifikacija uluga je naše nastojanje da jednostavnim jezikom nabrojimo naše usluge.
Obratite pažnju na popis istih na ovoj stranici.

Specification of services

Naša poslovna politika

Napa poslovna politika uključuje određena načela po kojima se vodima kada pristupamo poslovnoj saradnji sa klijentima. Nabrojaćemo nekoliko glavnih načela po kojima se upravljamo.

The first step


We expect open and honest communication. Although we strive to limit our inappropriate influence on clients' decisions with our professional approach, our professionalism is shaped by moral principles that we faithfully adhere to. Simply expressed "clean bill, long love". The practice is signing a work contract.

The third step

Work on the project

After we have collected the necessary data, we start working on the project. In most situations, you can monitor how the project is progressing, give the necessary suggestions and opinions. Most often, there will be a need for more information and materials. If there are new moments that were not foreseen at the beginning, the best solution will be found in time.
Second step

Describe the needs

In the simplest way for you, describe your wishes and needs. We can make it easier for you by offering you to fill out an electronic form that contains questions that help you define and describe your request more clearly. If something is not clear to you, ask us. We will do the same.

The fourth step

Project realization

Realization of the project implies the creation of the project and its full functioning according to the requirements specification. Depending on the specification, this may mean training the client to operate the application. In some cases, it is possible to expand the project with a new request, which we will readily accept.

Services and products

Naše osnovne usluge i proizvode koje pruža naš tim predstavljamo u nastavku. To ne znači da ne možete imati svoje specifične zahteve ili neku uslugu koja obuhvata područja više njih.

Creation of websites

To su poslove veb razvoja. Popravka ili unapređenje starih i proizvodnja novih.


Migrations to newer versions of the code. Magento, WordPress, Joomla...

Web marketing

Web marketing obuhvata promociju na društvenim mrežama i izrada stranica na njima.


Optimizing code and content for search engines. Back links and networking.


Creation of online stores and customer management systems.

Business tools

Manage inventory, workers, clients, orders, projects, schools and clinics.

Dedicated programs

Classic programs for bookkeeping, reservation management for restaurants...

Media services

Creation of catalogs, envelopes, posters. Production of video spots and commercials. Audio tracks...