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Our team consists of people with qualifications and many years of experience in the field of programming, web programming, installation and maintenance of servers and computer systems, graphic and web designers, marketing experts and audio, video and TV experts in the field of design and production.

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Many years of experience in the field of web development, classic and web programming, graphic and web design and media, created a basis for the formation of a team of experts who are, above all, trustworthy people, proven in action.

Together and individually, this team has successfully implemented thousands of projects. Many years of cooperation and experience have created a trusted circle of friends, who supplement their friendship with business cooperation where business ethics are supplemented with moral ones. That's why we are sure that we have a priceless treasure that is designed in such a way that you too can get the desired satisfaction from it.
If you are expert and talented in one of the fields close to us and you are sure that you have the skills or potential to supplement or join our team, feel free to contact us.
24h mogućnost pristupa

Svim našim servisima možete pristupiti u bilo koje vreme, bilo kojeg dana u sedmici.

Testimonials from some of our clients

Stefan Topalović

Nursery Topalović

The number of visits increased by 8% in the same quarter, but the biggest difference can be seen in the speed of opening the site. Although visitors stay on the site for the same period of time, the number of open pages increased by 210%. The number of open pages per visitor increased by 195%. Bounce rate decreased from 92% to only 1%. Online sales jumped 45% compared to the same period last year. Server rental is 50% cheaper than the previous one.

Mirjana Stojanović

Institute for Technology of Nuclear and other Mineral Resources
   In our cooperation, the limiting factor was the short deadline, our insufficiently developed vision of site design and the specificity of the topic.
   In designing the site, we relied entirely on the experience of Milan Radnić, which resulted in a modern and visually attractive site. 
   The logo of the site is the idea of the web designer, Radnić, which indicates a complete understanding of our idea of what we want to achieve with the site.
   Thanks to the patience, experience and professionalism of the web designer Radnica, we managed to design a modern and functional website in a week. 
The whole team is very satisfied with the cooperation because our expectations were fully met.
   The site is considered pioneering work in scientific research at the national level, and represents a benchmark for future sites with this content.
   Cooperation with Milan Radnica is evaluated with the highest rating and we give positive recommendations to all future users.

Petar Bučević

Super Company d.o.o.

Before starting work with the company, we never knew or understood the possibilities of web development in the domain of our company's interests. Sincere and honest communication, easy cooperation and professional approach are the main features of our long-standing cooperation.

I am very pleased that we started cooperation with this professional team of excellent experts and honest people.

Great recommendation!



You can read the latest news from the field of science and technology, current affairs from the company, on the pages of our website.


You can see a part of our works in this category. The reviews and recommendations of our clients are very important to us.


Milan Radnić

web developer

Web desing & programming, SEO, application developer, web marketing, server administrator, media expert, page constructor…

Nemanja Đurić

SME Engineer – Webscale Networks

Experienced System Administrator/DevOps Engineer, Hosting Consultant and Technical Support

Jasmina Novaković

web marketing
Web design, web marketing, director of agency.

Nebojša Mihaljević

Technical Translator. Backend Web Developer
Technical Translator. PHP Developer (Symfony, Laravel)

Contact Us

Depending on the need, you can contact us at one of the attached phone numbers or by e-mail.

Južni Bulevar 126,
Belgrade, Serbia

Monday-Saturday: 9an - 5pm
Sunday: Closed Marketing Agencija – Juzni Bulevar 126-6; 11000 Beograd, Srbija; RS – 11000; Tel: 00381-11-7862704; Fax: 00381-11-7862704; PIB: 105938970; Maticni broj: 61856927; Tekuci racun: 160-315005-35 Banca Intesa A.D. Beograd


  • Izrada novog ili redizajn starog sajta
  • Izrada internet prodavnica i B2B sistema
  • SEO optimizacija sajta za pretraživače
  • Izrada Android i iOs aplikacija i testiranje
  • Migracija Magento 1.9 u Magento 2
  • Migracija Joomla 3 u Joomla 4
  • Migracija Joomla u WordPress
  • Web marketing Google i Meta

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