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Web design,

Web design and programming is a term that we say and think that it is something in the field of web development. Today it is much more than presentations and online catalogs. We mean a huge number and many types of applications and solutions for every, most demanding client.

WEb design

Presenting a business entity on the Internet today is easier than ever before, but many challenges require an expert

Have you paid for the creation of a site and then encountered many additional concepts and problems unknown to you, which required additional work and financial resources? Most of our clients are from this group.

Site for dinar, free site and other marketing tricks managed to lead many to the conclusion that it is possible to have a website for a modest monetary compensation. The next step in this stereotypical story are: additional maintenance costs, hosting and domain costs, additional material costs, training costs to update your own site, SEO site optimization costs, and all this every next year and again new costs...

Our team of professional web developers leaves no room for such an unpleasant and unprofessional approach.

Organizing the project

The organization of the project is the basis of the beginning of work, development and progress until the final creation. We do not want to impress you with our qualifications and knowledge, but we want to present and describe you clearly and understandably. offer. For such a thing, we must perform an analysis of your real needs.


Need analysis

Analiza potreba obuhvata niz radnji sa kojima ćemo izvršiti jedno anketiranje u cilju utvrđivanja istih. Da li imate već registrovan domen i hosting, da li imate jasne predstave o onome što bidste želeli? To podrazumeva da trebate odgovoriti na pitanja iz jednog elektronskog obrasca kojeg ćemo vam dostaviti. Takva analiza nas vodi do precizne procene i realizovan projekat će u potpunosti odgovarati vašim potrebama i nećete imati nikakve dodatne troškove.

Collection of materials

In cooperation with us, we will help you to prepare and deliver the necessary material for the creation of the project. We have a large number of commercial media elements, codes of various programming languages and prepared solutions, which we can implement in the desired project.


Project realization

All the time, from the start of work on the project, we can enable you to follow the progress. You can make suggestions, express your opinion and observation, which will help us to fully fulfill the purpose of the project. Realization includes all actions from the ordered specification, but also more. We will reveal to you what a project entails until the end, so there will be no additional costs.

Need help?

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  • Izrada novog ili redizajn starog sajta
  • Izrada internet prodavnica i B2B sistema
  • SEO optimizacija sajta za pretraživače
  • Izrada Android i iOs aplikacija i testiranje
  • Migracija Magento 1.9 u Magento 2
  • Migracija Joomla 3 u Joomla 4
  • Migracija Joomla u WordPress
  • Web marketing Google i Meta

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