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Ecommerce | Internet stores

Ecommerce | Internet stores include creation of online stores, maintenance, migration to newer versions and other systems.

Advantages for sellers

An advantage for sellers, traders, manufacturers and distributors who will have huge savings on space, rent, transport, taxes, expenses and paid manpower. Everything can be organized from the office, and the description, condition, price, discounts and other attributes can present the items you want to sell more efficiently than their exposure in traditional stores.

Advantages for customers

The advantages for customers are not only comfortable shopping from the armchair, but much more. It is a practical possibility to make a selection of several stores and items that interest you in the shortest possible time, with insignificant costs. The gained insight will help you decide on the right item and save yourself time wasted on searches, comparisons and choices. This will save you in other areas as well, such as: fuel used for your car, paying for a parking space for it, as well as the frustration of not being able to find the desired item in the place where you assumed it would be.

Ecommerce | Internet stores - activities

Izrada internet prodavnice

Creating an online store

Different platforms as needed

Creation of an online store in different systems depending on the client's wishes and needs.
Depending on the number of product categories and items, the number of stores and specific details, we create the store. We prefer Magento 2x for larger professional stores.
We create medium-sized stores in the Open Cart or WooCommerce system.
If you plan to create an online store for your company's needs, fill out the electronic form and we will give you a free estimate.

odrzavanje prodavnice

Store maintenance

Installations, training, troubleshooting

Store maintenance is necessary because every serious online store requires regular update. Maintenance includes store code maintenance, installation and implementation of add-ons and modules to the system. We also maintain the hosting on which the store is located. We perform cleaning from malicious segments as well as system protection.
We train the company's staff to manage the store.
We provide professional advice and instructions before and during the creation of the online store.

migracija na novije verzije

Migration to newer versions

Migration of the same system and from one to another

Migration to newer versions is done for security and functional reasons. There is a situation where it is necessary to migrate from the old e-commerce system to the new one. For example, migration from Magento 1.9 to Magento 2x. We can expertly handle this complex job for you.
We also transfer databases and products from one system to another. For example, from WooCommerce to Magento and vice versa.
For details and an estimate, you can fill out the electronic form for free.

Store integration with Facebook and Instagram stores

We integrate online stores with stores on Facebook and Instagram.
The advantage of integration is the ability to manage products in one place, while all changes are automatically applied to all stores. It is also possible to manage selected stores separately.
We also create stores on Facebook and Instagram and in case you don't have an online store. Therefore, it is not necessary to have an online store, it can be created on the mentioned social networks.

Request a free estimate

If you plan to run your own online store or have one but want to improve it, migrate to a newer version or switch from one system to another, fill out the attached electronic form and we will do our best to answer you as soon as possible.


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