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language Success

language Success

language Success

  • Klijent: Language Success

  • Adresa: Beethovenstrasse 32, 8002  Zurich 

  • Telefon: +41 77 523 17 61

  • Kategorija: Korporativni sajt

  • Welcome to our school! We have more than ten years of expertise in teaching children, teenagers, and adults. Our classes have been refined through many years of experience, ensuring an engaging and effective learning journey.

    Our language courses cater to diverse needs, offering options for companies, groups, and personalized 1:1 sessions. And that’s not all – our language skills extend beyond German, encompassing English, French, Italian, Serbian, and many more languages, providing you with the unique advantage of learning German in any of these languages.

    For those aspiring to join a high school, we offer exclusive preparation classes to boost your chances of success.

    Our track record of excellence – all our students have successfully passed their exams, showcasing the effectiveness of our teaching methods. Embark on an enriching linguistic journey with us today and open doors to a world of opportunities!

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Ipress Poral

Ipress Portal

  • Klijent: Ipress Portal

  • Adresa: Moravska 89 37254 Konjuh – Kruševac

  • Veb lokacija:

  • Kategorija: Slobodni digitalni medij

  • Ipress Portal je nezavisni i slobodni digitalni medij čija je uloga distribucija vesti i događaja na teritoriji grada šapca i okoline.

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Šabac reporter

Šabac reporter

  • Klijent: Šabac reporter

  • Veb lokacija:

  • Kategorija: Nezavisan i slobodan, digitalni, informacioni medij.

  • Opis: Šabac reporter je nezavisni i slobodni digitalni medij čija je uloga distribucija vesti i događaja na teritoriji grada Šapca i okoline.

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Creation of Android and iOS applications

Creation of Android and iOS applications

Application testing

Creating Android applications


Development of Android applications plays a key role in modern business and communication. This process allows companies to connect with customers via mobile devices, providing them with easy access to products and services. Here are some key aspects of building Android apps:

  • Dominance of Android OS: The Android operating system is undeniably the most popular on the mobile device market. With more than 90% share, Android dominates mobile application development. It is expected that this percentage will be even higher in the coming years. That is why more and more companies are investing in the development of quality Android applications in order to expand their business strategies and attract a larger number of users.
  • Minimum investment, maximum return: Android is an open-source operating system that enables a simplified application development process. Investment costs are minimal, and the return on invested funds is significant. The Android SDK (Software Development Kit) is easily available to developers, and the registration fee for using the SDK is one-time. This operating system provides tools for creating applications at very favorable prices.
  • Superior design: Android apps have superior design characteristics, especially in terms of graphics. Built-in 2D and 3D graphics bring potential traffic to your app. Graphic design is key to engaging users and creating a positive user experience.
  • Security, integration and versatility: Android is based on the Linux kernel, which makes it safe to use. It provides the safest and best mobile applications with optimal use of resources. Also, Android applications are easily integrated with other services and devices, providing users with versatility and convenience.

If your company wants to improve its business and increase its user base, consider creating Android applications as a key step towards success!

Creation of iOS applications

Creating iOS apps is a crucial step for companies that want to connect with users through Apple devices. Regardless of whether your app is for entertainment, retail, health or news, a properly developed iOS app can provide a fantastic user experience. Here are some key aspects of iOS app development:

  1. Compatibility with iOS devices: iOS applications are optimized for Apple devices, including all iPhone models. Regardless of screen size or device specifics, good design and functionality are key to attracting users.

  2. UI/UX design: Users expect a fantastic design and want to have an amazing experience while using the application. Properly designed UI/UX design enables better interaction and greater appeal of the application.

  3. Encoding: Quality code is essential to the functionality and performance of an iOS app. Programming on the latest Flutter platform using the Dart programming language enables the development of maximally functional applications.

  4. Marketing: After development is complete, it's important to make sure your app gets the attention it deserves. Effective marketing and promotion are key to the success of your iOS application.

Our agency that deals with creating iOS applications. We offer a complete development service, from idea analysis to implementation and marketing. The goal is to create functional and user-friendly applications that your users will be happy to use. Regardless of whether your application is intended for business, entertainment or something else, we are here to help you achieve your goals. Contact us for more information!


Mobile application testing

Mobile application testing for Android and iOS platforms plays a key role in ensuring quality and functionality. These apps are ubiquitous and used for various purposes, from entertainment to business. Here are some key aspects of testing for these platforms:

  1. Differences between Android and iOS testing:

    • Accessibility: Testing iOS apps is more challenging due to the closed core, but this comes with the benefits of easy compatibility.
    • Platforma: Android je otvoreniji, dok je iOS strože kontrolisan od strane Apple-a.
  2. Types of testing:

    • Functional testing: Checks whether the application works as expected. Functionalities such as registration, login, search and purchase are being tested.
    • Security testing: Detects potential vulnerabilities and protects the application from attacks.
    • Performance testing: Checks how the application reacts under load.
    • Usability: Tests the user experience and design of the application.
  3. Mobile application testing tools:

    • Appium: Enables automation of Android and iOS application testing.
    • Robotium: A framework for automating Android testing.
    • UIAutomatorViewer: Inspector for Android testing.
    • Calabash: Android and iOS testing automation tool.
    • UIAutomation: iOS testing automation framework.
  4. Performance testing:

    • Checks page loading speed, responsiveness and scalability of the application.
    • Tools like Sauce Labs and ZapTest help automate this process.
  5. Game testing:

    • Mobile games also require special testing, including performance, usability and security.

In conclusion, Android and iOS app testing is essential to ensure quality and user satisfaction. Proper testing enables applications to be reliable, secure and functional on both platforms.

Izrada Android aplikacija

Fill out the attached electronic form and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. We warmly welcome you. For more information, feel free to call us.

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XL Autofolije Beograd

XL Autofolije Beograd

XL Autofolije Beograd

  • Klijent: XL Autofolije Beograd

  • Adresa: Majora Zorana Radosavljevića 217
    11273 Batajnica

  • Telefon: +381 61 109 41 91

  • Veb lokacija:

  • Kategorija: Korporativni sajt

  • XL Autofolije Beograd – Folija za automobile je profesionalni servis za presvlačenje vozila folijom. Zamena boje vozila folijom. Brendiranje vozila. PPF i mat folije. Zaštita auto laka od kamenčića u ogrebotina. Unikatni izgled vozila.

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Tress bead

Tress bead

  • Klijent: Zlata Pejić

  • Adresa: Wasserwerkstraße 4b 6844 Altach, Vorarlberg, Austria

  • Veb lokacija:

  • Kategorija: Internet prodavnica WooCommerce

  • Opis:

    Tressbead is and always was a one woman show, with heart and soul. After 15 years, the beadwork hobby became a small business, and your support is very much appreciated. 

    The highest quality material is used from well-known companies with a long-standing reputation for quality beads in stability, size and longevity. Attention to detail, dedication and passion goes into each piece that is made. Mostly, there is a story or inspiration behind every piece, which gives handmade jewelry a personal touch and uniques.

    Here you can find beadwoven bracelets, necklaces, rings and wide variety of earrings like dangle, lever-back or clip-on earrings. Please explore different designs here and follow Tressbead Design on social media for updates and promotions.

    Together, let’s adorn ourselves with the beauty of handcrafted beaded jewelry

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Metal Cut

Metal Cut

  • Klijent: Metal Cut d.o.o.

  • Adresa: Gajeva 9, Beograd

  • Telefon: +381 62 172 80 55

  • Veb lokacija:

  • Kategorija: Korporativni sajt

  • Opis:

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Garden Serbia

Garden Serbia

  • Klijent: Florakom d.o.o.

  • Adresa: Moravska 89 37254 Konjuh – Kruševac

  • Telefon: +381 63 217 487

  • Veb lokacija:

  • Kategorija: Internet prodavnica B2B sistem prodaje na veliko

  • Opis:

    This is a B2B system for ordering seedlings from Serbia in bulk.

    For ordering, you can use the B2B module or the classic Shop.

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Specification of services

Specification of services

Specifikacija uluga je naše nastojanje da jednostavnim jezikom nabrojimo naše usluge.
Obratite pažnju na popis istih na ovoj stranici.

Fill out the electronic form for our offer

Naša poslovna politika

Napa poslovna politika uključuje određena načela po kojima se vodima kada pristupamo poslovnoj saradnji sa klijentima. Nabrojaćemo nekoliko glavnih načela po kojima se upravljamo.


The first step

We expect open and honest communication. Although we strive to limit our inappropriate influence on clients' decisions with our professional approach, our professionalism is shaped by moral principles that we faithfully adhere to. Simply expressed "clean bill, long love". The practice is signing a work contract.

Work on the project

The third step

After we have collected the necessary data, we start working on the project. In most situations, you can monitor how the project is progressing, give the necessary suggestions and opinions. Most often, there will be a need for more information and materials. If there are new moments that were not foreseen at the beginning, the best solution will be found in time.

Describe the needs

Second step

In the simplest way for you, describe your wishes and needs. We can make it easier for you by offering you to fill out an electronic form that contains questions that help you define and describe your request more clearly. If something is not clear to you, ask us. We will do the same.

Project realization

The fourth step

Realization of the project implies the creation of the project and its full functioning according to the requirements specification. Depending on the specification, this may mean training the client to operate the application. In some cases, it is possible to expand the project with a new request, which we will readily accept.

Services and products

Naše osnovne usluge i proizvode koje pruža naš tim predstavljamo u nastavku. To ne znači da ne možete imati svoje specifične zahteve ili neku uslugu koja obuhvata područja više njih.

Creation of websites

To su poslove veb razvoja. Popravka ili unapređenje starih i proizvodnja novih.


Migrations to newer versions of the code. Magento, WordPress, Joomla...

Web marketing

Web marketing obuhvata promociju na društvenim mrežama i izrada stranica na njima.


Optimizing code and content for search engines. Back links and networking.


Creation of online stores and customer management systems.

Business tools

Manage inventory, workers, clients, orders, projects, schools and clinics.

Dedicated programs

Classic programs for bookkeeping, reservation management for restaurants...

Media services

Creation of catalogs, envelopes, posters. Production of video spots and commercials. Audio tracks...

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Media service

Foto aparat

Media services – graphics, audio, photo, video

Media services are often needed in the realization of other projects. Our experts can provide you with various media services.

Media is a term used to denote those structures in society that exist to communicate with the general public, and refers to a diverse array of media technologies that reach large audiences through mass communication. These technologies include different outputs. Here are some forms of mass media:

Broadcast media: Transmit information electronically through media such as movies, radio, recorded music or television.

Digital media: This includes the Internet and mobile mass communication. Internet media includes services such as e-mail, social media sites, websites, and Internet-based radio and television.

Digital format

We provide and publish these services in digital format. Of course, in cooperation with printing houses, you will also get printed posters, flyers and calendars. We do not provide mediation services with media houses.


You can give us the material in digital form and we will use it in the realization of the project. At the client's request we go to the scene and perform filming, photography and other actions. The material we use must have permission from the author.

Specification of services

  • Graphic design

    Illustrations, logo, branding, catalogs, posters, billboards...
  • Photo

    Photography, creation of material for the book, processing of your photos...
  • Video

    Recording of events, videos, commercials, cover video...

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  • Izrada novog ili redizajn starog sajta
  • Izrada internet prodavnica i B2B sistema
  • SEO optimizacija sajta za pretraživače
  • Izrada Android i iOs aplikacija i testiranje
  • Migracija Magento 1.9 u Magento 2
  • Migracija Joomla 3 u Joomla 4
  • Migracija Joomla u WordPress
  • Web marketing Google i Meta

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